Hello, internett! It will be soon a month since moving all my operations to Zürich! Most of the organizational stuff is done and I am slowly starting to settle in. I can’t wait until I can go to check out some of the mountains around the area to gather some inspiration for working on a new set and album next year.

After packing my stuff in Estonia, I had to leave most of my gear behind as my old Ford Focus would not probably have handled all the load. Thanks to Funderbeam and Kirill for the Code25 MIDI keyboard that is on one of the pictures, which I was able to squeeze in! It plays ball very nicely with Novation Circuit and is very well programmable. Still, it got me really confused at first why standard MIDI out was turned off by default. NB! Press “edit” and “first octave B” to activate MIDI out on M-Audio Code25, just in case you just landed on this page by Googling for solutions.

I really like Zürich, it reminds me a lot of Tartu — it is a cosy and lovely place to hang out. There are a lot of good vibes around everywhere. I am really looking forward to doing some great stuff while here!

Raadio 2: Eesti Pops with Erkki Tero (27.03.2018)

I am super happy for being featured in Raadio 2 in programme “Eesti Pops” with Erkki Tero on 27.03.2018. Several tracks from “Hacker songs” album were played and broadcasted to thousands of listeners yesterday 🙂

Also, greetings and congrats to Etnosfäär, Rest Less, Exit Safe Mode, Taavi Tulev, Peeter Vähi, Martin Kuuskmann, Moodul Stein and Pulzar.

Listen to the show here: https://r2.err.ee/689508/eesti-pops-erkki-tero

Full album is available from here: http://petmanson.com/music/hacker-songs-full-album/ .

Final boss!

This is it! The final song of the Hacker song series. Greetings to all hackers and tracker music friends. Thanks for the inspiration, support and feedback: Kirill (K-real), Liisi (roherohe), n33me, Urmas and everyone else!!


Jam “Somatic Cosmos” @ Metallist (20.01.2018 )

Here is a small jam I made last week, titled as “Somatic Cosmos” (thanks Urmas Peiker)

  1. 00:02 Part I
  2. 05:24 Part II
  3. 15:00 Part III
  4. 19:08 Part IV
  5. 23:44 Part V
  6. 31:18 Part VI

Used gear and software

  • Novation Circuit
  • Oxygen 88 keyboard
  • Linux KXStudio with Zynaddsybfx + Renoise + Pianoteq
  • Jet City amp

Sorry for clicks and pops in audio, the laptop recording the audio and video had trouble with multiple incoming audio streams. Nevertheless, I wanted to release this demo.

Oh, and I would also like to send my greetings to roherohe, Lauri Lehtsaar, n33me and K-real !!!

Special thanks to:

Urmas Peiker


Hacker songs

“Hacker songs” is inspired from computer game music and tracker scene. The tracks are arranged and composed using a mixture of techniques including sampling real instruments, drawing waveforms manually and of course, digital sound synthesis.

It is still work-in-progress and will be finished some time in 2018. You can listen to the existing songs from Soundcloud.

Thank you, Liisi Grünberg for the awesome pixelart.