Today we went to Lucerne with Liisi to check out the Fumetto comic festival and just hang out in the city and its numerous museums. It was a really awesome day — walking by the Reuss river, chilling in the sunshine, drinking coffee and watching tons of exhibitions from guillotines to really trippy psychedelic pop art.

When I got home, my eyes were fuzzy, my legs were sore and I must have been still tripping on Keiichi Tanaami’s crazy artwork. So I say down and came up with this song — I think it captures the feelings and emotions I experienced throughout the day quite accurately

Enjoy 🙂

Also, greetings to all my friends! See ya’ll soon!

Chords for reference:
Intro: Gm Eb
Part A: Gm
Part B: Eb D F

Made with Nord stage 3, Ditto x4 looper and Novation Circuit drum machine.