“Hacker songs” cassette tape released!

I am very proud to present you the release of “Hacker songs” album by Trash Can Dance (Gert “Trash” Moser), limited to 36 cassette tapes. Trash has been been publishing underground music for years, including “Mandarones – Live Sessions”.

If you would like to a have a copy, please contact Trash via Facebook on his page: https://www.facebook.com/trashcandance .

If you don’t have a cassette player, you can nevertheless download the songs to your computer from http://petmanson.com/downloads/petmanson_hacker_songs.zip or check out the songs from my Soundcloud page:

Rain after the heatwave

It’s been deadly hot during the last weeks everywhere in Europe. Today, finally it rained. So I made this song to celebrate the sweet coolness.

Chords for reference:

Em9 Fm9
Em9 F#maj7 x2
Dm9 Em7 Dm9 Em7 AbMaj7/F
Em9 F#Maj7 Em9 Cmaj7
Am7 G6 F#dim B9#

Em9 Dm9 x2
Am7 Bm7 C7 DMaj7 Esus4