“Daydreaming” music video

I am proud to present you the music video of “Daydreaming” made by my good friends Dominika Olszewska and Tomek Zakrzewski. Special thanks go to Mirka Jackova, Marta Bajena and Joanna Wawruch.

I think that the video captures the essence of the song perfectly. Wandering around in the city of endless possibilities and experiencing it all. The time and space seem to fade away and become non-existent, while one thing remains the same: the daydream we live in.

The inspiration for the song actually comes a few months back, when I went to Lucerne with Liisi to check out the Fumetto comic festival and just hang out in the city and its numerous museums. When I got home, my eyes were fuzzy, my legs were sore and I must have been still tripping on crazy artwork I experienced throughout the day. That’s when I came up with the song.

I find it amazing how Domi and Tomek have taken the sound of the song and used it to create a visual experience on a completely another level. When I watch the video, I feel exactly the same way as on the day spent in Lucerne. I could not be happier to re-experience this again! Thanks a ton, guys!!

Make sure to check out the video from Domi’s Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IM26cpZJB1c and don’t forget to hit “Like” and “Subscribe”.

All photos made by Dominika Olszewska.