About me

Timo Petmanson (born in 1986) is an Estonian keyboard player and amateur electronic music producer.

Timo @Paljassaare muul
@Paljassaare muul

His most recent album “Hacker songs” is inspired from computer game music and tracker scene. The tracks are arranged and composed using a mixture of techniques including sampling real instruments, drawing waveforms manually and of course, digital sound synthesis.

Hacker songs album
Hacker songs album

He is a member of stoner blues-rock collective Mandarones since 2014 and also participated on album “Live Sessions” (2014), which was recorded in Tartu with Mart Volk, Rait Pärnoja, Tõnis Kärson and Margo Saaremets.

@j6ulupudi (image copyright: unknown)
@j6ulupudi WITH Mandarones (image copyright: unknown)

In past, he has been playing also funk, pop, etno and punk music in various collectives: Funky Carneval, Ekvivalent 2.0, Marr, Toxoscaridosis et Toxocarosis, Trell.

When not playing music, Timo works as a software engineer and currently is located in Zurich, Switzerland.

In the Zurich tram