Midnight [2019]

I guess I do really love night-time, because music sounds so much smoother and better. So, here is a song dedicated to the inspiring darkness.

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Actually, it took a while to get this song right, until I waited till 12AM to start playing. Even then, it took a few days to complete it.

To be honest, I snatched some chords from an old song I haven’t played in years and I don’t even think I have a recording of that.

Chords for reference

Intro: Ebm / bass does notes

A: Ebm Gb Ebm Gb B Db Eb x2
B: Ebm B7 Bb7

Officer Raggaman is back

Even in the future
we need someone
to catch the bad guys ..
Officer Raggaman
bringing peace to the world
that has changed
beyond recognition

Here is the live looper version of one of my previous tracks: “Officer Raggaman”.

Officer Raggaman is a hero supercop fighting crime in future in our messed up world. Ze has the strength of a man and wits of a woman, combining this into a powerful crime-fighting machine. Ze knows that reggae is about peace and so is law-enforcement, which ze is a perfect manifestation of.

The original song in my opinion had this kind of 80s police movie feel to it with some siren-like sounds. I tried to replicate that to a certain extent in this version as well.

I like also the overdriven synth sound that kind of reminds a guitar, but has some really alien feel to it.

Autumn Air

It is getting colder and one can feel the how air is getting heavier. The darkness is creeping into the daylight more and more.

Also, haven’t made a song for a while now, so it is time to keep it up! In fact, I wanted to make something, but had no idea where to start, so I asked N33me for some inspiration. The suggestion was to go for a sad and romantic vibe, so here you go.

Greetings to Liisi, K-Real and other romanticists out there!

Autumn Air

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“Daydreaming” music video

I am proud to present you the music video of “Daydreaming” made by my good friends Dominika Olszewska and Tomek Zakrzewski. Special thanks go to Mirka Jackova, Marta Bajena and Joanna Wawruch.

I think that the video captures the essence of the song perfectly. Wandering around in the city of endless possibilities and experiencing it all. The time and space seem to fade away and become non-existent, while one thing remains the same: the daydream we live in.

The inspiration for the song actually comes a few months back, when I went to Lucerne with Liisi to check out the Fumetto comic festival and just hang out in the city and its numerous museums. When I got home, my eyes were fuzzy, my legs were sore and I must have been still tripping on crazy artwork I experienced throughout the day. That’s when I came up with the song.

I find it amazing how Domi and Tomek have taken the sound of the song and used it to create a visual experience on a completely another level. When I watch the video, I feel exactly the same way as on the day spent in Lucerne. I could not be happier to re-experience this again! Thanks a ton, guys!!

Make sure to check out the video from Domi’s Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IM26cpZJB1c and don’t forget to hit “Like” and “Subscribe”.

All photos made by Dominika Olszewska.

“Hacker songs” cassette tape released!

I am very proud to present you the release of “Hacker songs” album by Trash Can Dance (Gert “Trash” Moser), limited to 36 cassette tapes. Trash has been been publishing underground music for years, including “Mandarones – Live Sessions”.

If you would like to a have a copy, please contact Trash via Facebook on his page: https://www.facebook.com/trashcandance .

If you don’t have a cassette player, you can nevertheless download the songs to your computer from http://petmanson.com/downloads/petmanson_hacker_songs.zip or check out the songs from my Soundcloud page:

Rain after the heatwave

It’s been deadly hot during the last weeks everywhere in Europe. Today, finally it rained. So I made this song to celebrate the sweet coolness.

Chords for reference:

Em9 Fm9
Em9 F#maj7 x2
Dm9 Em7 Dm9 Em7 AbMaj7/F
Em9 F#Maj7 Em9 Cmaj7
Am7 G6 F#dim B9#

Em9 Dm9 x2
Am7 Bm7 C7 DMaj7 Esus4

Reis Neptuunile (Voyage to Neptune)

Hi friends!

NASA promises to get back to the Moon by 2024. Elon Musk promises to get us to Mars the same year! But when are we going to the Neptune? Who knows, but I hope they listen to this song when they do! I present you “Voyage to Neptune!”.

Actually, I listened to “3AM” by Elliott Herrington and his spacey sounds inspired me to try something like that too. Make sure to check more of his stuff too!
My greetings with this song go to Elliott and everyone else in the universe!

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