Officer Raggaman is back

Even in the future
we need someone
to catch the bad guys ..
Officer Raggaman
bringing peace to the world
that has changed
beyond recognition

Here is the live looper version of one of my previous tracks: “Officer Raggaman”.

Officer Raggaman is a hero supercop fighting crime in future in our messed up world. Ze has the strength of a man and wits of a woman, combining this into a powerful crime-fighting machine. Ze knows that reggae is about peace and so is law-enforcement, which ze is a perfect manifestation of.

The original song in my opinion had this kind of 80s police movie feel to it with some siren-like sounds. I tried to replicate that to a certain extent in this version as well.

I like also the overdriven synth sound that kind of reminds a guitar, but has some really alien feel to it.

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