Summer soltice!

This is it! Today is the longest day of the year on the Northern Hemisphere! The night without sunset! Greetings to everyone who is celebrating!

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Today we went to Lucerne with Liisi to check out the Fumetto comic festival and just hang out in the city and its numerous museums. It was a really awesome day — walking by the Reuss river, chilling in the sunshine, drinking coffee and watching tons of exhibitions from guillotines to really trippy psychedelic pop art.

When I got home, my eyes were fuzzy, my legs were sore and I must have been still tripping on Keiichi Tanaami’s crazy artwork. So I say down and came up with this song — I think it captures the feelings and emotions I experienced throughout the day quite accurately

Enjoy 🙂

Also, greetings to all my friends! See ya’ll soon!

Chords for reference:
Intro: Gm Eb
Part A: Gm
Part B: Eb D F

Made with Nord stage 3, Ditto x4 looper and Novation Circuit drum machine.

Foolishly funky

I have to admit I really like funky and grooovy vibes. So, I could not help it and made this song.

Also, greetings to all my friends!!


Hello, internett! It will be soon a month since moving all my operations to Zürich! Most of the organizational stuff is done and I am slowly starting to settle in. I can’t wait until I can go to check out some of the mountains around the area to gather some inspiration for working on a new set and album next year.

After packing my stuff in Estonia, I had to leave most of my gear behind as my old Ford Focus would not probably have handled all the load. Thanks to Funderbeam and Kirill for the Code25 MIDI keyboard that is on one of the pictures, which I was able to squeeze in! It plays ball very nicely with Novation Circuit and is very well programmable. Still, it got me really confused at first why standard MIDI out was turned off by default. NB! Press “edit” and “first octave B” to activate MIDI out on M-Audio Code25, just in case you just landed on this page by Googling for solutions.

I really like Zürich, it reminds me a lot of Tartu — it is a cosy and lovely place to hang out. There are a lot of good vibes around everywhere. I am really looking forward to doing some great stuff while here!